Sippy Switch v5.0 Release Notes

What to Expect in Sippy 5.0 The release of Sippy Softswitch will improve the experience of our Customers and Partners. Over the last few months we have collected a number of suggestions by our Customers to improve accessibility, functionality, configurations, and performance. We have worked hard over the past few months to bring to these ideas to fruition in our product. Keep sending us your thoughts on ways we can improve and we will be sure to keep working on them in future releases.

End of Support - Sippy Softswitch v4.3

In March of 2015 Sippy Software released Sippy Softswitch version 4.3. After 2.5 years of reliable service and subsequent releases we will no longer offer active support or security updates for the version 4.3 starting September 1st 2017. It is very important that customers make arrangements to upgrade the version of their softswitch to an actively supported version. Customers who move to version 4.5 or 5.0 will see a number of benefits ranging from improved security, processing efficiencies, reporting, and a number of other improvements made in the past 2.

Sippy Switch v4.5 Release Notes

Sippy’s release notes are a summarized guide to help existing and prospective customers understand what is new and improved in the Sippy Softswitch product. Summary More APIs This release includes many new web API methods, continuing on our mission to to give Operators a switch that is 100% programmable. Improved performance Great effort has been put into improving switch performance. We have observed improved performance numbers on this new release, exceeding 11,000 concurrent calls with Call Per Second rates north of 500.

Sippy Switch v4.4 Release Notes

Version 4.4 includes hundreds of improvements to existing features, and new features designed to bring additional ease of use, value, and operability to our loyal Sippy Switch Operators. New Features SIP Log extraction utility Audience: hosted & dedicated operators Switch operators can download SIP logs for successful and failed calls based on the SIP Call-ID header, making troubleshooting investigations much easier. SIP Logs separated by Environment Audience: dedicated operators (technical) Each Environment maintains its own sip.

Release Notes v4.3

Important Notice: As of September 1st, 2017 - Sippy Software will no longer be offering support on the 4.3 version. The great features you see here are rolled up in our latest version 5.0. Contact our Features & Improvements Sippy Media Gateway The Sippy Media Gateway has had extensive rework, bringing clients a high performance, scalable media relay solution. The Sippy Media Gateway bundles the latest version of rtpproxy v2, which is an open-source project developed by Sippy Software, Inc.