SippySoft is now hiring

Hello Everyone! We are currently in search for two positions based out of our Kiev office. Are you from Ukraine and looking for a job delivering cutting edge telecommunication products and solutions? Sippy Software now has 2 positions open based out of our Kiev office for L3 Support and a Full Stack PHP/JS developer. For more details please send us a note by email at Level 3 Support Are you looking to join a team of motivated engineers delivering the expert advice on some of the worlds most popular and modern Real Time Communication components?

New Products and Services 2021

We are very excited to announce that there are MORE improvements coming and that we are going to release a number of new products and services you can take advantage of. Here is a short list of some new products and services that will be released before the end of the year: High Capacity B2BUA A new higher capacity B2BUA will be introduced in the next year that will greatly improve Calls Per Second capacity.

STIR/SHAKEN plan of action

Sippy’s STIR/SHAKEN plan of action Legislative mandates in the telecoms industry are nothing new. The STIR/SHAKEN rules passed by the US congress are neither unexpected nor ill-advised. Sippy strongly agrees that a healthy dose of good regulation might be a great way to both help our industry grow and to protect consumers. In light of all the recent conditions and the upcoming STIR/SHAKEN rules, Sippy has begun preparations for releasing features and functionality aimed at ensuring that our softswitch provides the vital solutions you are going to need to remain compliant.

End of Support - Sippy Softswitch v5.0

Hello Everyone! As we release new features and functionality to our Softswitch platform our ability to make improvements to older versions or fix ongoing issues becomes limited. Sippy Software maintains active support for 3 of the latest production versions of the software to cope with the limitations. The release of Sippy 2020 means that at this time we will be moving Sippy Softswitch v5.0 to End of Support (EOS), and Sippy Softswitch v4.

[SA-0004] - Security Advisory: SER Header Injection

Dear valued Sippy Customer, A security vulnerability was reported in a third party module used in our Softswitch. SER is used to handle SIP signalling and has been fixed by their maintainers. This Fix is now incorporated in all our production versions. This security vulnerability leave Switch Operators vulnerable to SIP header injection attacks. In their worst case scenarios the vulnerability could allow for toll fraud, caller-id spoofing and authentication bypass.

Sippy 2020 Release

Hello Everyone, Sippy Software Inc is happy to announce our 2020 release is now in Production Release. We have been working hard over the last few months to put together this release and are excited to see the features we’ve put in place being used by our customers. We will be keeping a close eye on the release and will be adding a number of bug fixes and small incremental improvements over the coming weeks to this release.

FAQs are Useful

Our technical team receives great questions from our community and applies their experience to reply and respond to each of those questions. Our experience is formed by the types of questions we receive on a regular basis. The senior members of the technical team use some of the more frequently asked questions to train junior members of the team and to determine what issues require better understanding by our users.

Sippy AWS

Over the course of the years Sippy has established itself as a company that innovates. Cloud computing is not new technology and it is definitely not something that Sippy invented. When it comes to cloud computing however, we are experts. Our internal infrastructure runs on the cloud. We have tested and studied the AWS Cloud in relation to our softswitch’s performance quite thoroughly. With all the experience we have we are confident that we can deliver stable, robust and secure softswitch solutions on the cloud which is why we have chosen the AWS Cloud to be our next hosting platform.

Sippy 2020 Alpha Release

Hello Everyone, Sippy Software Inc is happy to announce our 2020 release is now moved to Early Alpha testing. We have been working hard over the last few months to put together this release and are happy to preview some of our changes. Our final release may include more items than described here as we wrap up our development cycle. IF you haven’t had the opportunity we have posted some videos describing just some of the major changes we have planned up on our Youtube page.

Change is good so we're Changing...

Hello Everyone Apart from a cool new website, some of the changes we’ve made are sure to be very useful to you. We are working on further improvements to our interface and are also creating new hosting options. Going forward, there will be more options to host your softswitch inside our infrastructure which will be economical; these changes will apply to users who are not currently able to host on their own.