OpenSIPS Livestreams

The OpenSIPS Summit draws in the best VoIP and RTC experts, developers and users for a 4 day event filled with talks, presentations, workshops and training sessions. The first three days May 1-3rd covers all the technical talks, and May 4th reserved for additional training sessions. The talks this year covered a wide range of topics from using SIP in IOT applications, Blockchain for VOIP, and Multi-Party Video Conferencing. For a list of scheduled events checkout the OpenSIPS Summit page found here. Our CEO Maxim Sobolev will be presenting on Day 2 of the Summit and will be presenting a proof of concept talk about using SIP in IoT applications. All the talks from the OpenSIPs will be live streamed on YouTube. Maxim’s presentation will take place on May 2nd at 12:00 - 12:30 (GMT+2). The links to the the live stream are provided below.

Maksym’s IoT presentation will take a look at how SIP can be used to facilitate the communication between the UAC of the IoT device to the UAS of system. As IoT devices become more prevalent in our Homes, Businesses, Factories, Cities, Rural Areas and even Space we see an opportunity for SIP to greatly assist in the communications of billions of devices in the future. The presentation will center around a proof of concept story of using off the shelf components and setting up SIP to be able to pass data from the IoT device (UAC) to a centralized server (UAS).

If you would like to help further this area of study we encourage you to contribute to our SipLabs Patreon page. The donations go directly into our research and development into the Open Source projects like OpenSIPS. We in turn will help promote your own Open Source Projects. Patreon Supporters will also see their requests for features and bug fixes prioritized.

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