Sippy SoftSwitch Announcements

Hello Everyone

We have a few items we’d like to share with our client base to keep them informed of whats going on in the world of Sippy. We are pretty excited to talk about some of the great things we have been working on and its time to share. We wanted to touch on three topics today: The Release of 5.1 to production, Upcoming trade show and conferences, and Updated communications with our sippy community. Lets just dive right in.

Version 5.1

Several of our clients have participated in our 5.1 Alpha and Beta Program. We are very thankful for the many clients who have worked with us to try out our new release and provide the feedback necessary to make a great product for everyone. With the feedback provided in the alpha and beta programs we are now pleased to announce the first production system installations of our 5.1 software will be rolled out this week.

We will have a good opportunity to see our work run production traffic. We will also be collecting very useful benchmark metrics as a result of the changes made in 5.1. We will begin our rollout process through to the customers using our hosted solutions. We will share those metrics in a future blog post. We will then continue working through the deadicated systems and for customers with active support agreements.

We have updated the release notes for 5.1 and those details can be found here. There are a number of new features including SSL certificate generation, revised invoicing system, database optimizations, improvements for handling rates and routes and a whole host of other changes to improve operating efficency and profitability.

Sippy Events

With the upcoming release we also have our team busy in the field. We will have representation available in both Europe and North America at a pair of events. You can catch up with members of our team at the OpenSIPS summit or ITW in Chicago over the next few weeks.

OpenSIPS Summit - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our CEO Maxim Sobolev can be found in Amsterdam between May 1st and May 4th at the OpenSIPS Summit. Maxim will also be speaking at the OpenSIPS Summit on May 2nd 2018 on using SIP in IoT applications. The Internet of Things space is huge with billions of small devices hitting the market monitoring and tracking a wide assortment of different data points. They can already be found in our homes, industrial and commercial environments, in our cities and in rural and remote areas. Maxim’s talk will look at how SIP can be utilized in this emerging market of products.

International Telecoms Week - Chicago, United States

Our Sales team will be available in Chicago for ITW. Gavin, Anatolii, and Denise will all be available during this time to speak with you about any questions you may have. We will also have a number of our partners around and available at our booth. To meet with our sales team we encourage you to jump onto the meet me application through the MeetMe application through the ITW website or drop by our booth setup at 1638. The sales team will be available from May 6th through May 9th.

Blog Updates

It will be a busy next couple of weeks for us here at Sippy Software. We want to keep everyone informed so we’ll be posting with greater frequency about the changes we have lined up for everyone. In addition to the upcoming release and tradeshows we will be maintaining an errata and security forum posts on our support portal. Keep an eye on those as we plan on keeping them updated for some time to come.