Resilient and Robust Support

Sippy pushes through difficult times by ensuring its support operations are resilient, with a vision for growth and the future, in 2019 Sippy began to plan its support footprint in El Salvador, a country with a large, highly educated, English speaking population.

With business operations in Canada and Singapore, Sippy provides every guarantee that you expect from well established, reputable companies. Today, Sippy’s support team is based in both Ukraine and El Salvador, ensuring its support operations continue to move forward at the pace its customers demand.

The driving ethos for Sippy has always been to be Resilient and to be Robust. Since first launched in 2005, Sippy’s softswitch has been known for its robust capability to perform. Sippy’s team has overcome many challenges which have proven to have strengthened the team. Sippy is proud of its Ukrainian roots and how it has now evolved into a powerhouse of technical knowledge on all things Telecom, VoIP and SIP.

A key factor contributing to Sippy’s choice for enhancing its support operation in El Salvador is the level of technical talent available. Large, highly reputable and technologically savvy companies like Telus® Canon® and Google® have a support presence in El Salvador. Sippy carefully evaluated its options for shoring up its Ukraine operations and now boasts a support team capable of providing support to its customers in spite of the situation in Ukraine.

By growing the support team, Sippy continues to deliver on its promises of resiliency and robustness. We are proud of our Ukraine operations and believe that the people of Ukraine will persevere and move forward. Through our growing support operations in El Salvador and our teams in Singapore and Canada we assure customers that the value of their Sippy Softswitch will continue to grow.

Slava Ukraini!