Sippy is Growing

Hello Everyone

We’ve been in business now for over 15 years and we have many users of our softswitch who have grown up with us. We continue to grow; our team is expanding through our adding of developer talent and more support team members.

In late April, Sippy hired a new Front End developer to help us make changes to our interface. Some of the planned changes include improvements to monitoring graphs, and changes to login pages to help deliver simplicity of use with our new multi-factor authentication. Aside from the functional aspect, there will be a number of changes made that will make the configuration of settings and maintenance of the softswitch more user friendly.

One of the other visible changes that we are ready to announce is our new website, which has been designed to provide access to information and ease integration with our support portal and social media accounts.

As our team grows we are announcing some planned improvements to how we deliver support. We will be adding additional support staff and working on some new support tools to deliver improved communications and response times.