Changes to Lets Encrypt API

Hello Everyone!

In April of 2018 we integrates a new API system from Let’s Encrypt for generating SSL certificates as part of our Sippy Softswitch Version 5.1. This change allowed for switch operators to create and store a SSL certificate for their softswitch improving operational security. Leveraging the API methods offered by Let’s Encrypt we have been able to provide switch operators with SSL certificates for their softswitch at no cost keeping them secure from malicious attacks.

Starting in October 31st 2019 Let’s Encrypt will begin making changes to their API methods to further improve security of their certificates. On this date Let’s Encrypt will be disabling any new ACMEv1 registrations to their system. This change only impacts any new registrations. If you have an existing SSL Certificate it will remain valid until the certificate reaches it’s expiration date.

In response to the changes to the Let’s Encrypt API methods Sippy Software will prepare a new patch for provisioning SSL Certificates. The API changes will comply with IETF-Standardized ACME Protocol RFC8555 so you can rest assured the your system will be just as secure as ever. We look forward to implementing this security improvement and providing our customers with the latest security options available.

If you would like to learn more about these upcoming changes please refer to the Let’s Encrypt community for more details. You can also raise your questions with our support team at

Many thanks

Sippy Software Inc