Sippy 2022 Teaser

Hello Everyone,

Sippy Software is getting closer and closer to wrapping up our development cycle for Sippy 2022. Here is a sneak peak at some of the projects we have been working on for our upcoming release.

Major Changes:

Account Trunk enhancements

In prior versions we only had support for a main trunk connection and a backup trunk connection. We have made some major changes to how we manage trunk connections and it is now possible to support multiple trunk connections instead of just having a main and backup connections.

New Web Framework

To support some of the work needed for the multiple trunks we have also adopted a new web framework that will be used to improve usability of this feature as well as give us a starting point to improve the overall web user experience. We plan on extending this new framework to additional pages in our upcoming releases.

Improved Video Calling support

With the updated RTP Proxy included in our release it also comes with some improved video calling support. This is a useful feature to explore opportunities for doing video calls through your softswitch. A practical application of this feature for example would be home security cameras. You could set up a SIP based security camera to call the home/business owner and send the video call through as it picks up movement on the camera.

Cloud Backups

During our development cycle for Sippy 2022 we created a new solution that will allow users to create a safe, secure, and offsite backup solution. Your regularly scheduled backups will be automatically uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket protected from any hardware problems that could happen at your Local Data Center. This solution is cheaper than a full standby system but effective enough to quickly rebuild your Softswitch with some of your business critical data. If you are interested in subscribing to this service contact our for pricing and additional details.

GoLang version of RTP Cluster

In support of our efforts to work on a clustered version of our software we have worked on some changes to rewrite RTP Cluster into golang. RTP cluster is used to monitor and manage load between different RTP Proxy instances setup on different nodes.

SRTP Support

In sippy 2021 we added SIP TCP/TLS giving the infrastructure needed to extend SRTP functionality to the softswitch. This feature is also one of the last few improvements needed to extend the product to support Microsoft Teams integration in the future.

Firewall improvements

A number of improvements were done to our firewall system to better manage SIP TLS/TCP connections. We have made some important improvements for incoming SIP TLS/TCP connections for the firewall as well as added some improved support for TFTP and notifications.