End of Life - Sippy Softswitch v4.4

Hello Everyone,

Posted on November 15th, 2019 In September 2015 Sippy Software released v4.4 of our software. In the 4 years since, we have released 3 new versions on our 5.X platform. Over the 4 years, many of our customers have upgraded to the v5.2 version. Starting today our Sippy Softswitch version 4.4 will reach end of life. Moving forward, customers running v4.4 or v4.5 will no longer be eligible for free upgrades to any of the supported versions (v5.0, v5.1 or v5.2) of our software. If you are under an active support agreement additional fees there will be associated with the support of your system.

Additionally, if you happen to be running our v5.0 software you should start planning your next upgrade to make full use of your free upgrade to 5.1 and subsequently the 5.2 version before we end support for the next version.

Are there costs associated with the upgrade process?

If you are on our v5.0 or later with an active support agreement and license you can email support@sippysoft.com to schedule your upgrade. If you are on v4.5 or v4.4 or earlier you will need to contact sales@sippysoft.com to have an invoice prepared.

What Sippy Softswitch Version options are best for me?

We recommend upgrading your softswitch to our latest v5.2 Release. The large majority of our customer base have long since upgraded from our v5.0 release to v5.2. If you have not yet upgraded this is an excellent opportunity to get that process started.

Many thanks

Sippy Software Inc