Change is good so we're Changing...

Hello Everyone

Apart from a cool new website, some of the changes we’ve made are sure to be very useful to you. We are working on further improvements to our interface and are also creating new hosting options.

Going forward, there will be more options to host your softswitch inside our infrastructure which will be economical; these changes will apply to users who are not currently able to host on their own. The changes we’ve planned will make possible to host capacities of 2000 to 5000 in our infrastructure at a low monthly cost.

We are also creating a 50CC option which can be used for testing and for such things as onboarding your new customers. As part of some of the changes we are implementing, we are also getting ready to announce an improved partnership and reseller agreement. The new agreement is aimed at simplifying the process of doing business with Sippy and making mutual expectations more clear.