Sippy AWS

Over the course of the years Sippy has established itself as a company that innovates. Cloud computing is not new technology and it is definitely not something that Sippy invented. When it comes to cloud computing however, we are experts. Our internal infrastructure runs on the cloud. We have tested and studied the AWS Cloud in relation to our softswitch’s performance quite thoroughly.

With all the experience we have we are confident that we can deliver stable, robust and secure softswitch solutions on the cloud which is why we have chosen the AWS Cloud to be our next hosting platform. Your Sippy softswitch can now be hosted in the AWS Cloud in almost any of the AWS regions available.

Our decision to offer AWS Cloud hosting is one which we studied in-depth and for which we prepared very well. In particular, our aim for putting our softswitch in the cloud is to provide a positive response to the various users of our software who are located all over the world. A key benefit that we offer is the ease with which we can provision an AWS instance of our softswitch very close to where your customers are.

In the coming days, we are going to extend our current offerings so that you can get more and more from Sippy out of the cloud. As always, if you have ideas about how Sippy can better deliver its products to you we are happy to hear them so get in contact with us!