Sippy 2020 Teaser

Hello Everyone!

Many of you have been patiently awaiting our Sippy 5.3 Release. Unfortunately that release will never come out. Don’t panic, a new, improved version will be released but under a new name. We are renaming our upcoming version and going forward we will use a new naming format. Our new version will become known as “Sippy 2020”.

In preparation for the release of Sippy 2020, we wanted to highlight just some of the upcoming changes we’ll have made available for our next release cycle.

  • Multi Factor Authentication - A major improvement to the security of your softswitch now validates users access through email and google authenticator
  • New Authentication Manager - We’ve split the functionality of verifying authentication to a new service, further squeezing out some more performance in call processing and reducing Call Processing Time
  • Reliable Provisional Responses (RFC 3262) - We have added support for RFC3262 and can now support Provisional Responses
  • New Balance Allocation Algorithm - Prevents situations that lead to negative account balances and ensures no one is overspending their balance

Our Development team is just wrapping up our final features and we’ll be soon placing our Sippy 2020 softswitch into Alpha release in the coming weeks. We will publish a full set of release notes at that time.

If you have a valid support agreement and would like to try out the Alpha release you can purchase a sandbox license and we will install Sippy 2020 for your own testing. Alternatively, you can enter our Sandbox license contest!!!

Please contact for more information.


Sippy Software Inc.