FAQs are Useful

Our technical team receives great questions from our community and applies their experience to reply and respond to each of those questions. Our experience is formed by the types of questions we receive on a regular basis. The senior members of the technical team use some of the more frequently asked questions to train junior members of the team and to determine what issues require better understanding by our users.

We compile lists of frequently asked questions and from time to time include addressing the issues that prompted the questions as part of the improvements for the user interface, onboarding, call processing, and much more.

Sippy is a proactive company and we take pride in making sure that our technical team is easily able to answer questions you might come up with on a regular basis. Senior members of our technical team are tasked with not only making sure that the entire technical team is able to provide answers and recommend solutions but also making sure those answers are readily available for our entire support community in our FAQs

Typically, configuration issues can create some questions which ultimately lead our users to request help. We know the softswitch very well and we can help you avoid some common configuration mistakes that lead to difficulties. We have extensive documentation on our support portal that addresses many questions you have about how to configure your softswitch, our technical team is always available to answer questions directly.

If you’re interested in some of the documentation available around FAQs, feel free to click on this link and check out our FAQ Articles