Coronavirus Response and Support

Sippy’s measures for supporting our customers during the Coronavirus

It’s times like the ones we are living currently that make our technology critical to keep the economy and people’s lives running as normally as possible. It is technology like ours that allows people to keep connecting and to keep working. These services are critical for communication of information and keeping remote teams active in these difficult times, and eventually overcome the challenges that we face.

Sippy Software is happy to inform our customers and partners that we have put several measures in place to make sure that the service and support you and your customers expect is always available no matter what the situation might be. Our support desk remains open and fully staffed. Our engineering team will be available per our usual support schedule of 24/7.

We are confident that when things go back to normal, our policies will have proved to be efficient for making sure that our staff is safe and that you as customers are not impacted negatively.

Our commitment to you as customers is that through this period we will continue to be available to you.

Stay Healthy and Stay Safe!

Sippy Software Inc.