Alpha Release - Sippy Softswitch v5.1

Hello Everyone!

We wanted to get a quick announcement note to let our customers about some upcoming changes we have lined up in store for our customers.

Earlier this year we launched our brand new 5.0 platform and it’s adoption rate has been great. In this release we added a number of new features including a new balances daemon, updates to our Test Dial Plan and Routing groups in addition to a large range of other features and improvements. Since the release of our 5.0 we have spent a great deal of time working on a number of improvements to make our 5.X platform even better to use.

Our Sippy Softswitch v5.1 is packed full of important changes. We have added a cool new API method to be able to upload binary files for routes and some changes for our Web Interface to process rates in the background. We have added a number of invoicing improvements to be able to handle a number of different additional charges and scenarios like DID surcharges. We’ve replaced our legacy Yahoo Currency Converter with two new options for Google Finance and Alpha Vantage. There are improvements in how we now handle 3xx SIP redirect options and we can now swap out the CLI for P-Asserted ID. French Is also now available for our web interface. Finally our version 5.1 release with the be installed on FreeBSD 11.1.

As we wrap up our development of our 5.1 release we will now be interested in finding out if there are any customers interested in concurrent alpha testing of our 5.1 release. Customers with active support agreements and test hardware readily available can contact our Support team for installation. An early preview will be installed and you will be provided with an early copy of our release notes. As a reminder this is an alpha release and there may still be issues we need to look at before we begin rolling this out to production systems.

We hope to hear from you about your questions or comments.


Sippy Software Inc.