End of Support - Sippy Softswitch v5.0

Hello Everyone!

As we release new features and functionality to our Softswitch platform our ability to make improvements to older versions or fix ongoing issues becomes limited. Sippy Software maintains active support for 3 of the latest production versions of the software to cope with the limitations. The release of Sippy 2020 means that at this time we will be moving Sippy Softswitch v5.0 to End of Support (EOS), and Sippy Softswitch v4.5 to End of Life (EOL). These changes will take effect on March 15th 2021.

In order to further improve the quality of our service and support our product lifecycle policy is described in the table below.

Active Support End of Support End of Life Support
Free Upgrades to any of the Active Versions Eligible Not Eligible Not Eligible
Annual Support and Maintenance Costs Regular +15% +35%
Critical Security Updates Yes Yes Yes
Critical Bugfix Updates Yes Yes No
Non-Critical and Feature Updates Yes No No
Bug Reports Accepted Not Accepted Not Accepted

Does this change affect me?

If you are running an actively supported version then no. If you are running a version that is already EOS/EOL or getting closer to the EOS status it’s time to consider scheduling an upgrade to one of the closest actively supported versions! Upgrading to a newer version will provide more stability and improvements. The upgrade will make sure your systems run smoothly and save you money in higher support and upgrade fees.

The table below outlines the current status of the support offered for our released versions.

Sippy 2020 Sippy v5.2 Sippy v5.1 Sippy v5.0 Sippy v4.5
Release Date December 2020 April 2019 April 2018 June 2017 Sept 2015
Support Status Active Active Active EOS EOL

To make sure we help customers have a reasonable opportunity to make use of the free upgrades available with the support packages they pay for, we provide support in upgrading their system during a limited, specific period of time.

With a written agreement by Sippy Software, an extension of up to 2 months may be provided for EOS licenses where complex upgrade paths or tight system integration requires additional testing. Such extensions are provided to allow supported customers the opportunity to take advantage of the free upgrade option and avoid a subsequent hike in support fees.

How do I begin the process to upgrade my Softswitch?

Your upgrade process begins with an email to our support team. We will verify your support account status and work with you to schedule out the upgrade process. Once scheduled the update will be applied at the agreed upon time. The downtime will be limited to 1.5 hours. We encourage customers to upgrade to 5.1 or higher at this time.

Are there costs associated with the upgrade process?

FLEX customers get upgrades without charge because they are included in Flex monthly charges. Customers who have support contracts up to date get the update upon request. Customers without support have to renew or reinstate their support SLA in order to be able to get an upgrade. Customers who chose not to upgrade their softswitch before the end of support of that version will be charged a fee for the upgrade. This fee may depend on how many versions behind the switch is. Sippy Software also reserves the right to decline to upgrade any version that is lower than our current EOL.

What Sippy Softswitch Version options are best for me?

We recommend upgrading your softswitch to our latest 5.2 Release or Sippy 2020. If you are currently running the v5.0 version you will also need to upgrade to at least the v5.1 Version. The large majority of our customer base has been operating with v5.2 for some time. If you have not yet upgraded this is an excellent opportunity to get that process started. We have also recently released our Sippy 2020 version to production and features the very latest in improvements and enhancements.

When will my Sippy Softswitch 5.0 reach end of support? When will Sippy Softswitch reach the end of life?

We plan to end support for our 5.0 version on March 15th, 2021. Sippy Softswitch v. 4.5 will reach end of life on March 15th, 2021 as well. A written agreement to extend this timeframe is possible but must be coordinated with our sales team.

Many thanks

Sippy Software Inc